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About Us

Our contractors have similar professional and educational backgrounds to those at generalist construction firms but with a significant advantage: 100% of our work is dedicated to maximizing the value of the architecture, construction, designing and maintenance.


Mission Statement

To make the buying and selling of real estate as cost effective as possible while maintaining the highest level of service. * To provide accurate and up-to-date information, skilled analysis and sound real estate advice. * To continually explore new ideas and technology, to make the selling and buying of real estate faster, less costly, and easier for you and your generations to come.

Our values

We value, honesty, visionary thinking, profitability, charity and hard work driven by a passion for success. Our goal is to forever change the real estate industry through superior talent, proven systems & models, and revolutionary technology.

We will be #1 Insha-Allah in each of seven categories: residential/commercial real estate, sale, purchase, marketing, property management, interior and construction. We believe that integrity, teamwork, passion, accountability, and a learning mindset are the key tenets of real success.

Our focus enables us to provide customized, actionable recommendations that draw.

We understand well that each building project is different. We embrace this variety as a challenge that requires unique approaches and solutions. We take a flexible view on how to meet client objectives while fitting into the existing surroundings and becoming a permanent part of the environment.

Property Shoperty staff takes each project personally – from inception to finishing. Strong focus on quality control is our hallmark. This dedication is essential to the successful completion of every project we undertake. To provide the best services, products and value to our clients, we consistently challenge ourselves to understand clients’ needs in depth, remain flexible and explore further.

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