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Exclusive Property Sales Division that aims to help sellers attain the best possible deal on their property. Instead work as partner with our clients with the objective of building long-term relationships.


If you are thinking about buying new home or property, you’ve come to the right place. We deal all kind home and commercial properties  in order to help you purchase something that fits your needs in the best possible manner.


Property Shoperty is a major player in the rentals property management of prestige. Specialist of luxury residential property has diversified our activities by specializing in real estate transactions upscale.

Property Management

Property Shoperty is a team of experienced Engineers and Project Managers who have been working in the property management for the past 10 Years. We can take up projects of various sizes and complexities.


Along with the dedicated team of professionals, we cater to requirements for marketing of residential, commercial, offices and infrastructure facilities.

Exchange Your Property

Property swaps are becoming a popular way to buy and sell property, both in Pakistan and overseas.

Portfolio Management

We build portfolio with our clients/investors on the basis of their investment needs.


Property Shoperty is dedicated to provide professionalism in the field of home and commercial construction to support our clients. The team keeps up to date with the latest Construction Practices.

Interior Design & Home Decor

Our designers work with your style and budget — taking the guess work out of decorating.

Register Your Property

Just send us your questions and we will give you the help you need.