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Real Estate Company

Property Shoperty promises to make the utmost, honest, valuable and profitable Real Estate deals for you Nusal-Der-Nusal.

We are Real Estate certified professionals with an extensive experience and a background of working in Dubai and Pakistan with countless property deals for our valued clients residing in UK, USA, Canada & Dubai.

We offer an advanced and innovative approach towards Real Estate and how to market, sale, purchase, rent, construct and manage property in Islamabad/Rawalpindi (including CDA and other societies) Dubai and Turkey, Nusal-Der-Nusal.


Our featured areas of work

Sale & Purchase

 In every sales & purchase deal we are involved,  the goal is to helping attain the best deal.

Exchange Your Property

Property swaps are becoming a popular way to buy and sell property, both in Pakistan and overseas.

Interior Design & Home Decor

Our designers work with your style and budget — taking the guess work out of decorating.

Home Construction

Property Shoperty has vast & varied experience of home construction, planning & designing.


Explore new solutions and consider new options has also kept us at the forefront of the construction industry.

Portfolio Management

We build portfolio with our clients/investors on the basis of their investment needs.